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News Anchors Confused After Watching Wrong Car During Police Chase (Video)

May 22, 2018

After nearly three hours, three southern California counties, and two different cars, police were finally able to nab two suspects in a wild police chase, and we're just thankful the authorities weren't as confused in the chase as a pair of broadcasters were covering it.

Now we get it.  Covering police chases has to be a nightmare.  There are so many streets and directions and obviously the suspect isn't thinking straight and they probably don't even know what they're going to do next.  And especially with this chase where multiple cars that looked relatively the same were involved.  

The two broadcasters covering it were confused when their suspected driver calmly pulled into a convenience store to fill his vehicle with gas and head inside for a snack or two.  They couldn't see the woman that was riding with him either, trying to figure out when she could have possibly made her escape.  Well, it turns out their camera was focused on the wrong car, and they should have looking at the other black sedan that was speeding down the highway.  

Until the police nabbed the driver, they weren't having that much luck in the chase, either, as evident by this PIT maneuver that didn't exactly...work.

Police chases are hard, y'all.

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