Damaged Soccer Field

Photo By: Dreamstime

NFL Moves Monday Nights Game From Mexico To L.A. After The Field Was Ruined During A Shakira Concert

November 14, 2018

This weeks' Monday Night Football game was supposed to be played in Mexico as part of the NFL’s International Series. Now the game has been moved at the last minute. 

The NFL is moving the Rams vs. Chiefs Monday Night game from Azteca Stadium to L.A. The field was left in poor condition after recent rains, several soccer games, and rowdy fans during a Shakira concert back in October. The new grass that was installed last spring also didn’t help with the condition of the field.

The NFL’s executive vice president of International, Mark Waller, said in a statement “Until very recently, we had no major concerns. But, the combination of a difficult rainy season and a heavy multi-event calendar of events at the stadium, have resulted in significant damage to the field that presents unnecessary risks to player safety and makes it unsuitable to host an NFL game.”

The NFL has been playing international games since 2007. In London, locker rooms have been known to be overcrowded, and even spill out into the hallways, though the fields were never a problem. 

Ticket holders for the game in Mexico City are said to be getting reimbursed with, NFL announcing their refund policy in the next few days. 

The Rams are providing complimentary tickets for first responders, and anyone who's been affected by the recent tragedies in Southern California. 

Via: Yahoo Sports