Nicolas Cage

Photo By: Sascha Steinbach Getty Images Europe

Nicolas Cage Brutally Sings “Purple Rain” At A Karaoke Bar

April 23, 2019

What do you do after filing to have your four-day marriage annulled? You go hit up the karaoke bar.

Actor Nicolas Cage has had a weird month; the man got married in Las Vegas to his hair stylist and after just four days tried to get his marriage to Erika Koike annulled. On Sunday night, Cage was spotted at a karaoke bar in Los Angeles Koreatown. 

TMZ got a hold of a video of Cage blowing off some steam. He can be seen singing Princes’ “Purple Rain”, more like screaming Purple Rain. According to TMZ Erika Koike recently agreed to an annulment but is now asking for spousal support.

Check out the link below to watch Nicolas Cage sing Purple Rain.