Abandoned, Haunted, Creepy, Mansion

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Nobody Wants To Buy This Abandoned 55-Bedroom Texas Mansion

March 20, 2018

If you have a spare $3.5 million sitting around, you could become the lucky owner of this abandoned mansion near Houston with a massive 60,000-square-foot floor plan.  

Apparently, construction on this behemoth began in 2001, but was never completed.  It's currently designed to support 55 bedrooms and 55 full baths, but Mona Miller of the Christy Buck Team at RE/MAX Top Realty in Houston, who has been showing the house for over a year, has had trouble finding a buyer.  She told the Houston Chronicle, "Everybody has an idea for it, a 'want' for it, but most people don't have the ability to purchase it."

The agency eventually found a potential buyer, but the plan was thwarted by a potential zoning change from the city, throwing a wrench into the deal.  The city has been willing to work with any potential buyer and is reportedly open to any number of proposed uses for the property, as long as it's not a straight apartment complex.  The mansion's best recommended use, however, is for institutional use.

Interest is still high, albeit slightly waning.  What used to draw 100 calls a month now only seems to bring in about 25, though Miller says she stills shows the property "at least a couple times a month."  She said, "I could probably show it 24-7 if I wanted to.  I'll be out there showing it and people will drive up and ask to do a walk-through."

So who's interested?

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