Car Air Vent

Photo By Getty Images

Man Found A Rattlesnake In His Car Air Vent Here In North Texas

July 12, 2019

You never know what you might find while out in the Texas Fields. 

Bob Crowell, lives out in Hood County, hes spent the last couple of years working in the fields. Recently he found an unwanted guest hiding in his truck.

While driving out in the field he saw that he had a rattlesnake in the air vent. Crowell told WFAA that at first he wasn’t sure what kind of snake he was dealing with. 

“I started wondering wonder what kind of snake that is and all of a sudden I could see the striped tail and the rattlers and I could see the pattern on his back, and I was like, well, this is a dangerous snake."

He managed to get the snake out safely, and released it back into the field. Before doing so, he recorded a video of himself removing the snake from the air vent. Bob posted the video on Facebook and has since received close to 6 million views. 

Most of us would have left the car abandoned in the field, but for Bob it was just another day in the field. Check out the video below.