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Papa John's To Remove Founder's Image From All Marketing After Racial Slur Scandal

July 13, 2018

Starting this week, all of Papa John's Pizza marketing will begin to remove the image of founder John Schnatter after he admitted to using a racial slur.  

Apparently, Forbes had recalled Schnatter using the N-word during a conference call in May 2018.  Shnatter apologized and quickly announced that he would be stepping down as chairman. 

Schnatter will remain on the board as he is still the company's biggest shareholder with 30% of their stock.  "Five years from now, they might be able to start bringing him back. But at the moment, you have to be very decisive and show you take this very seriously,” said Keith Hollingsworth, professor at Morehouse College's business department.

The slur was used during a media training exercise reported Forbes.  Schnatter issued a statement acknowledging his use of “inappropriate and hurtful” language. 

“Regardless of the context, I apologize.”  

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