Baby Watching Soccer

Photo By Dreamstime

Dad Of The Year Keeps His Daughter Entertained While Still Watching A Soccer Game

March 12, 2019

Just about every parent has been there, whether you’re waiting for your table at a restaurant, stuck in traffic or even grocery shopping you need to keep your kid happy and entertained with something.

Most parents today just whip out their smartphone and open up some video for their kid to watch. That’s exactly what this dad did while at a soccer game. Sometimes your kids just aren’t that into sports like you are. 

While the game was going on the unidentified dad held his phone behind his back for his little girl to watch. In his other hand, he held on to a hotdog for himself and continued observing the game. 

He kept his daughter happy while still enjoying himself.

Someone in the crowd took video of the dad’s actions and applauded him for it. ESPN saw the video and tweeted it out with the caption “Not all heroes wear capes”. 

She looks pretty happy sipping her juice and watching videos. Check out the video below. 


Dad of the year? Possibly! 

Via: New York Post