Pig, Pen, Dirty, Mud, Yawn

(Photo via Dreamstime)

Pig Gets Loose At 35 And 635; Traffic Anchor Provides Hilarious Play-By-Play

June 7, 2018

If you happened to be driving southbound Interstate 35E at Interstate 635 yesterday morning, you may have noticed what appeared to be a pig trapped along the highway.

It appeared to be a pig, because it was a pig, and somehow, the big fella found himself trapped on the busy Dallas roads with traffic screaming by him.  A brave soul ventured out onto the grassy area to try and help the pig, and luckily for us, CBS 11 traffic anchor Madison Sawyer documented the entire incident and provided hilarious play-by-play coverage.  

The entire incident last about an hour before the pig was safely secured in the back of a bickup truck, nearly taking up half the space!  This guy was huge!

Via Dallas News