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Passenger Assigned Seat In Row 35 Of Plane That Only Has 34 Rows

September 26, 2018

We're all bound to experience this awkward moment every once in a while.  You approach your assigned seat in a plane, stadium, or movie theater only to find someone else already sitting there.  You paid for that seat, so it's your, right?

Well what happens if that seat just doesn't exist, and it's assigned to a row that just isn't there?

Satwika Ika flying the low-cost Indonesian airline Lion Air recently experienced that very problem.  She was assigned a seat in row 35, and ventured to the back of the plane to take her seat.  She made it to row 32, 33, 34, and then no more rows.  Row 35 did not exist!  She mentioned how the flight attendants weren't very helpful in trying to remedy the situation, but she eventually was seated in an unassigned seat.  In a row that existed.

Lion Air eventually issued a statement explaining the confusion, saying they switched Ika's flight to a smaller plane due to a scheduling conflict.  Apparently, the ticket was not updated to reflect the change in difference of rows between the two planes.

Hey they're low-cost, whattya gonna do?

Via WowShack