Plano West High School Under Deep Cleaning After Confirmed Measles Case

August 24, 2018

Plano ISD has been disinfecting and cleaning Plano West High School after a student was confirmed having measles. 

Health officials say that even if you're vaccinated for measles, you can still be at risk of getting the disease. 

If anyone who was at school during Aug 14-16, you may be at risk for measles. The tricky part is that you won't show symptoms until two weeks.

"A lot of people say there are some negative things that come from some of these vaccinations," says a students mother. "But I was vaccinated as a kid and seem to be just fine."

They're 18 states who can be opted out of vaccinations due to religious or personal beliefs, including Texas. Out of 1,034 students who opted out last year in Plano, 562 were exempt. 


via 1080KRLD