Flash Mob

Photo By: Dreamstime

Police Appear To Break Up A Flash Mob, End Up Joining In

December 25, 2018

What’s a flash mob to do but break out and dance in random spots surrounded by people? 

Last week the local choreography group known as Sean’s Dance Factory took part in a flash mob at a mall in Aventura, Florida. Once the dance got going, tons of holiday shoppers gathered around to watch the group perform. 

Video of the flash mob was posted online after it took place. Towards the end of the video two police officers step in and try and break up the performance, that is until they join in. 

The Aventura Police department tweeted out a clip of their officers walking in and joining the dance. The officers were aware of the flash mob taking place the whole time, the audience sure looks surprised. 

Check out a video of the whole performance down below. 

Via: New York Post