Goats on a highway

Photo By: Dreamstime

Police Used BBQ Fritos To Lure Some Horny Goats Off The Highway

December 6, 2018

Our law enforcement typically doesn’t know what they’re getting themselves into when they answer the call. Sometimes it can be pretty strange, such as a pair of runaway goats. 

Last week two officers in Louisville, Kentucky responded to a call that a pair of goats were seen walking along a busy highway. What’s an officer to do but save some goats from being road kill? 

The Louisville Metro Police Department posted pictures on Facebook of the officers with goats in the back of the cruiser. The department wrote that it took about 20 minutes for the officers to get the goats to hop in the back seat. 

The officers say it wouldn’t have been possible to lure the goats into their car without the help of some BBQ Fritos. According to their post, the officers strategically placed the chips in the back seat, and the happy goat couple was lured into the warm police cruiser. 

The owner of the goat couple was contacted, and the police chauffeured the pair back home. 

Check out the pictures and post below, these goats have some serious horns and the officers have some hilarious puns. 

Via: The Miami Herald