Baby Squirrel


Man Calls The Cops After Being Chased By A Squirrel

August 13, 2018

I don’t think anyone in Texas would call the police on a squirrel. 

A man in Germany called the police after a squirrel chased him down the street. According to the release by police in Karlsruhe, the man called German emergency dispatchers saying, “Help! I’m being chased by a squirrel!”

Once police arrived at the scene, they found the little critter sleeping, and all tuckered out after a good run. Seeing the squirrel was still baby, the officers picked up the little guy, put him in a box and wrapped him in a napkin for warmth. 

Before taking him to an animal rescue center the officers made the baby squirrel the unofficial station mascot and named him Karl-Friedrich. 

Police spokeswoman Christina Krenz, said in a statement that when squirrels lose their mother they can become fixated on a single person. “It can be pretty scary. The man didn't know what to do and so he called the police. He was certainly feeling a bit threatened.” 

Check out the pic the police station posted online below. 

Via: Fort Worth Star-Telegram