YUNGBLUD Q&A At ALT 103.7 Performance Showroom

Q&A With YUNGBLUD in The ALT 103.7 Performance Show Room

April 3, 2018

Last week YUNGBLUD stopped by the ALT 103.7 last week and performed his hit song "I Love You, Will You Marry Me." Check out the performance right HERE. YUNGBLUD also went through a Q&A with our ALT 103.7 listener audience and had some pretty interesting things to say.

He talked about his inspiration for "I Love You, Will You Marry Me" and "Polygraph Eyes", He does a Texas Accent, and even does a Shoey with Sybil!

"Everyone always thinks that it's a love song. Which, it kind of is, but it's like this modern twisted love story...In the north of England, in Sheffeld and it tells the story of two young people from that place (Sheffield England) and basically, they fell in love. One day the guy suspends himself over a bridge and spray paints, "I LOVE YOU WILL U MARRY ME" Across one of the bridges. And he proposes that way. But then it took a really wrong turn. She said that he wasn't fit to be a father, and then she passed away. And then corporate companies re-developed the project into fancy new flats, and put neon lights over "I LOVE YOU WILL U MARRY ME." And used it on like merchandise," He said when asked about his inspiration for his hit song.

Adding, "That they didn't give the guy a penny and he became homeless...So it's just my comment on corporate companies taking advantage of something as precious as love"

"That something that is so important to me. It's about an issue that I believe needs to be spoken about from a male perspective. That's why it so important to me." YUNGBLUD said after Sybil asked him about "Polygraph Eyes". "You would see drunk girls coming out of nightclubs and getting into taxis with boys that weren't nearly as drunk as them. To me it didn't resonate how fundamentally wrong that was until I grew up. Because we grow up in a society where this lad mentality is so vastly accepted."

Check out the video below for the complete interview, and to see Sybil and YUNGBLUD do a "shoey"!