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Reporter Is Caught On Live TV Using Spit As Hair Gel

March 25, 2019

Maybe he was in a hurry and forgot to apply some product? 

If you’re a reporter out in the field you should probably carry a comb in your pocket in case of emergencies, or least have some hair product with you at all times. 

Not this reporter. He was caught right in the act of what happens when you forget to use hair product. 

On Friday, MSNBC anchor Ali Velshi was introducing NBC reporter Matt Bradley, who was reporting live from the field in Syria. Unaware that the camera was live Bradley was seen spitting into his hand and running his fingers through his hair.

He does this not once, but twice. Bradley probably thought no one was watching, but really everyone saw the live broadcast. Check out the embarrassing clip down below. Would you ever resort to using spit as hair gel?


Via: The Wrap