Bowls Of Mashed Potatoes Mysteriously Appear All Over Mississippi Neighborhood

Many Residents Believe This Is A Prank, With Bowls Of Mashed Potatoes Appearing On Cars, Porches And Mailboxes

April 12, 2019

Something strange has been happening in Jackson, Mississippi. What many people believed at first was a harmless prank, now has residents of the Belhaven neighborhood concerned. Someone has been leaving bowls of mashed potatoes all around town.

The mysterious bowls of mashed potatoes started popping up around town this week, with the bowls being left on cars, mailboxes and porches. While many feel this is most likely a silly joke, some residents fear the reasoning may be more serious.

One resident said some feared maybe the potatoes were poisoned to kill animals. However, he said, “I didn't taste it. I have a three-second rule, so I didn't touch it. But some people were worried."  The story of this weird phenomenon happening in Mississippi has many on social media wondering who the culprit is, along with hoping he may stop by their cities as well.

According to reports residents of the Belhaven neighborhood in Jackson, Mississippi have not alerted authorities about the bowls of mashed potatoes. One resident described the neighborhood as quirky. Maybe some mysteries are better unsolved.

Via Fox News