Richard Overton, Oldest Veteran, Suit

(Photo by Olivier Douliery/Pool/Sipa USA)

World's Oldest Veteran Has Identity Stolen And Bank Accounts Emptied

July 2, 2018

Texas resident Richard Overton is noted for currently being the world's oldest veteran.  

The 112-year-old has also gained recognition for his steady diet of whiskey and cigars, but unfortunately, Overton has recently made the headlines for a bit of bad news.  Last Thursday, one of Overton's cousins tried to make a deposit into his account, and noticed an unusual amount of debits.  Several purchases of savings bonds were made over the last few months, and there was absolutely nothing left in the account.

Unfortunately, Overton's identity was compromised, and his social security number was used to access his bank account, where it was wiped clean.  The family would not disclose the specific amount of money that was stolen, but they confirmed it was a "considerable amount."  Overton's cousin, Volma Overton Jr., told KXAN, "It's a shock, it hurts, it hurts tremendously."  And while the family doesn't yet know who stole the money from Overton's account, Volma said, "it'd be terrible to know somebody who's been that close to him has used him like that."

Overton, who is also currently the oldest man in America, volunteered for service in 1942.  He soon became a member of the Army's 188th Aviation Engineer Battalion, an all-black unit that served on various islands in the Pacific.

The police are currently investigating the situation.