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The Worst Thief Of All Time Loses His Gun, And Then His Pants, While Trying To Rob Store

September 10, 2018

This robber really should stick to his day job.  

A man walked into an Aurora, Colorado e-cigarette store Sunday afternoon, gun in tow, with the intention of taking the establishment for all it was worth.

It did not go according to plan.

As he was making his way to the counter, he fumbled with his gun, and accidently flung it clear across the desk right next to the cashier.  He tried to make an attempt to hop over the counter to retrieve his weapon, but he just couldn't make it.  Smartly, he decides to bail.  He makes a sweet karate kick move to force the door open, but quickly loses his pants after making it outside.

This might be the greatest robbery attempt we've ever seen.

The gun ended up being a BB Gun, and the cash register only had about $100 in it.  Police are currently looking for the worst robber of all time.

Via Denver Post