Robert DeLong & K.Flay Q&A In The ALT 103.7 Performance Showroom

Robert DeLong & K.Flay Q&A At The ALT 103.7 Performance Showroom

April 3, 2018

Last week Robert DeLong and K.Flay stopped by the ALT 103.7 Performance Showroom, and they even played the latest game sweeping the nation (SAY WHAT). Check out that video right HERE.

ALT 103.7's Sybil sat down with Robert DeLong and K.Flay and talked laser harps, celebrity look-alikes, DFW trivia, and frozen margaritas.

"I got some secret stuff I'm working on. It's not too secret. You don't know what a laser harp is though, so I've got that coming up it's pretty cool. It's literally a laser you play with your hands, and it' makes sounds. Which is dope," DeLong said when Sybil asked what he plans to do next. Expanding, "You have to wear sunglasses. You could have permanent retinal damage if you look in the hole."

"Alright kids, don't look directly into the laser harp," K.Flay added. 

Sybil then switched gears to K.Flay's song, "Run For Your Life" which is on the new 'Tomb Raider' soundtrack, asking who would play K.Flay in a movie. "First of all I don't the movie would be that exciting," K.Flay said adding she has no idea who might play her in a movie because she doesn't know her celebrity look-alike. Robert DeLong added that people used to say he looked Bud Cort from 'Harold and Maude' and Richard Reed Parry of Arcade Fire. 

K.Flay then dropped some DFW trivia knowledge on the group. "Frozen margaritas were invented in Dallas by a dude who walked into a 7-Eleven, saw the Slurpee machine, and was like, "What if it had alcohol in it?" I think that's a fun fact for Dallas," K.Flay said. 

Check out the complete interview and see them name off as many blue things that they can below.