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Your Phone Might Be Sending Photos To Your Contacts Without Your Permission!

July 5, 2018

Heads up to anyone who uses a Samsung phone, you might want to check your messages.  

Some Samsung users have noticed their phones sending photos to random contacts on their phone without any human prompt or permission.  One user on Reddit found that his Galaxy S9 sent his entire photo gallery to (luckily) his girlfriend around 2:30 in the morning, while he was asleep.  

Besides the obvious disturbing fact that your phone can act absence of any human command, what happens if your phone sends your boss, a coworker, mother, any dirty photos you might have stored in your gallery.  Just a thought, ya know,  A terrible, terrible thought.

Samsung said it's looking into the matter, releasing a statement that read, "We are aware of the reports regarding this matter and our technical teams are looking into it.  Concerned customers are encouraged to contact us directly at 1-800-SAMSUNG." 

The current theory is that Samsung's Messages app is currently bugged after the company recently rolled out RCS profile updates, whatever that means.  In the meantime, if you're worried about your boss receiving your nudie pics, you can delete the Messages app and use a different app for all your messaging needs, or deny the Messages app permission to access your phone's storage.

Via NY Post