Hand Blocking Sun

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Scotland Town Warns Residents And Braces For "Blowtorch Temperatures" Of 86 Degrees

June 26, 2018

The weather appears to be burning all across the world.

Residents of Edinburgh, Scotland have been warned by city officials of the increasing temperatures.  A specific warning was issued to the elderly and babies as they are at particular risk of injury due to the sun's rays, and TWO health alerts have already been issued because of the 80% chance of "heatwave conditions."  Public health officials warned their residents that they need to drink plenty of water because the temperatures could well approach....86 degrees.

Eighty.  Six.  Degrees.  

Now we understand weather is relative wherever you go.  Scotland would probably shut down if it hit 90 just because they have an incredibly cool climate, but it's still kind of fun to watch other people go into hysterics because of a little Texas winter weather.  They've even warned people about their phones overheating; that's how concerned they are about this weather! 

Meanwhile, we would all die for an 86 degree day over here, huh?  

Via The Scottish Sun