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Security Guard Uses Nunchucks To Fight Off Man With Knife

June 15, 2018

A security guard in Oklahoma City, took down a guy armed with two steak knives in quite possibly one of the coolest ways.  He used his handy set of nunchucks.  

Local police were called after a report of disturbance at an apartment complex was recieved.  When the officers got there, they found the security guard holding down the man who had the knives.

Apparently the man in question, Jeorme Thompson, said that he was handing out pamphlets at the apartment complex before the altercation with the security guard.  But according to the security guard, Thompson was banned from the property.  

The guard told police that he saw Thompson coming at him with the knives while he was handing out the pamphlets.  Allegedly, Thompson told the guard he was not going to leave and that he would kill him.

When Thompson charged at the guard, that's when he pulled out his nunchucks and struck him.  

We really wish that someone had filmed that.

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