Car Crash

Senior Prank Goes Right: Staged Driving A Car Through The Principal's Office

May 18, 2018

As high school graduation approaches, most Seniors only have one thing on their mind...the Senior prank!

These days, you have to get crafty and creative. No matter how hard you try to be different, there's always someone who did the very same prank before you. And forget about being destructive! That's either straight to jail or a hefty fine, and you most definitely will not walk at graduation. Don't ask how we know.

So when we saw Cumberland High School's Senior prank, we just had to share it!

With a little bit of eye trickery, the CHS Class of 2018 made it look like a car drove through the side of school, specifically the principal's office. They used a chopped up car surrounded by bricks and made a hole in the side of the wall with black duct tape and trash bags. From far away, it looks like one teen got a little crazy and drove right into the building.

As you can imagine, the first few teachers probably had a pretty epic meltdown upon pulling up to that scene.

Well done CHS Seniors, well done!