Seth Rogen, Red Carpet, Smile

(Photo By Sthanlee B. Mirador/Sipa USA)

Seth Rogen To Voice Announcements For Vancouver Public Transportation System

July 27, 2018

Morgan Freeman was the featured voice for a public announcement campaign led by TransLink, a public transportation service in Vancouver.

However, fans were quick to ask, "Why not have a Canadian actor provide the voice?"  And who should step up to the plate after being nominated?  The great Seth Rogen.

Rogen and TransLink began communicating back and forth, and two months after he threw his name in the hat, TransLink made it official.  

Rogen said in the announcement, "When the opportunity came up to be a voice of public transportation, I was thrilled.  I am honestly always looking for ways to participate in Canadian culture and to put the spotlight on Canada."  Rogen added that he "grew up taking public transit my whole life and I still use public transit when I'm in the city."

TransLink said Rogen's voice will be begin appearing in their public announcements "in the coming weeks."  It is not yet known if his laugh will also be featured in the announcements, but if it's not then what's the point?