(Photo by Ray Carlin-USA TODAY Sports)

SMU Needs A Name For Their New Student Section Party Deck...Drunky McDrunkface?

August 8, 2018

Clearly SMU has learned nothing from the internet. Everybody knows when you open up naming rights to the public, it will NOT end well. Especially if you give the opportunity to a bunch of college students.

SMU is getting a new party deck inside Ford Stadium. It will be the new home of the student section. Instead of bleachers, the area will be standing room only with a few bar-height table tops. The patio will also feature umbrellas to fight the sun. The university is tearing out roughly four sections in the lower bowl in the north end zone.

Now, like everything else, the new student section has to have a name. Rather than get some kind of corporate sponsorship, SMU is asking the students to help with naming the new venue via Instagram.

Can you say Drunky McDrunkface???