Snake in the hand

Photo By: Dreamstime

Snake Found At The Fort Worth Goodwill Center Retuned To Its Owner

November 7, 2018

Last week an employee at the Goodwill sorting center in Fort Worth discovered a pet boa constrictor in a bin. No one had any idea how it got there, until now. 

The owner of the snake 22-year-old Keller native Austin Pair came forward and said that Toki, the albino boa constrictor, hasn’t been seen since May after he returned home from vacation with his parents. 

According to the Houston Chronicle Pair searched high and low for his pet. "We tore every single thing apart and nothing." 

Last month Pair said that he donated two couches and some clothes to the Goodwill in Saginaw. Pair believes that Toki was hiding inside the couch, and while trying to escape buried her self in the clothes bin.

Pair heard about a snake being found at the Fort Worth Goodwill through news posts and social media. Rosemary Cruz, vice president for donated goods and retail at the Fort Worth outlet says, “The owner was just ecstatic that he was reunited with his baby." 

Hopefully, he keeps a better eye on his pet after losing it for four and a half months.

Via: Houston Chronicle