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(Photo via Dreamstime)

Someone Finally 3D Printed A Liveable, Functional House

June 14, 2018

The technology has been here for years, and while several concepts have been created, nobody has yet been able to 3D print a home suitable for habitation.  That is, until now!

Project Milestone is a campaign out of the Dutch city of Eindhoven which hopes to print FIVE 3D printed structures of varying complexity built and available for rent by next year.  The interior and exterior walls will completely be made through 3D printing, though the furnishings, trim, and fittings will still be constructed via conventional means.

The houses will be constructed of a special formulation of concrete that has  the same consistency as whipped cream.  The structured will be built off site and transferred over, though project managers hope in the future the 3D printer will be located on site wherever they want to build.  Rudy van Gurp, a manager for Van Wijnen, the construction company on the project, believes 3D printed homes will be the standard in the future.  He said, "We like the look of the houses at the moment as this is an innovation and it is a very futuristic design.  But we are already looking to a take a step further and people will be able to design their own homes and then print them out.  People will be able to make their homes suit them, personalize them, and make them more aesthetically pleasing."

If you speak Dutch, you can watch this video below, which probably explains Project Milestone's exact process and goals.  Probably.  We don't speak Dutch!

Via New York Post