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Someone Decided To Make A Spam Cocktail Because There Aren't Enough Gross Things In Life

August 5, 2018

It's officially Spam restaurant month and throughout August, some restaurants are serving some pretty interesting things inspired by the canned meat.  

But the strangest item being served in our opinion comes from a bar known as The Duck Inn in Chicago; a Spam Mai Tai.  Oh and the best part is the drink is served in a real Spam can.

But not to worry, there isn't any chunks of meat floating in the cocktail.  The drink is infused not mixed with the product. Brandon Phillips, The Duck Inn's beverage director and drink inventor, started by mixing lard with Spam and two different types of rum, and let that mixture sit overnight.  Then strained the lard-liquors and blended the infused liquid with fresh pineapple juice, lime juice, orgeat syrup and bitters.

When asked about the flavor, Philips said it "has a very full flavor, with savory notes from the Spam and Deluxe Mixed Nut Orgeat, and a hint of sweetness, playing off notes of grass & dark molasses from the rums, and finishes with a kiss of island spice compliments of the bitters."  He also called the drink "something magical!"

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