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Southlake PD To "Issue" Pumpkin Spice-Scented Citations

August 31, 2018

Fall is right around the corner and believe it or not, Pumpkin Spice Lattes are already here.

The Southlake PD is not one to sit by and let everybody else enjoy the Pumpkin Spice craze.  So for the entire Fall season, they will be "issuing" Pumpkin Spice-scented citations.  It's to make getting a speeding ticket more fun and festive, y'know?!

Of course, we wish this was real, but the Southlake PD says they "don't have enough room on their utility belts to carry around a can of pumpkin spiced air freshener."  Brad Uptmore, a spokesman for the department, said that while the video is fun, he hopes people take a real message away from the parody.  He said, "Our hope is that maybe every time they see a Starbucks or see the leaves starting to fall that maybe our PSA will jog their memory to remind them to drive safely and slowly through town."

Via Star Telegram