Steve Carell

Photo by PA Images/Sipa USA

Steve Carell Jumps Out Of A Box And Surprises Jenna Fischer

February 28, 2019

The look on her face though. 

Jenna Fischer recently sat down with Busy Philipps on her E! Network talk show, the two discussed how much they like unboxing things. 

While on the show, Philipps had Jenna’s former castmates from The Office send her early birthday presents. During the unboxing Fischer had to guess which cast members sent her which gifts. She got all them correct, with the exception of the last gift. 

Ellie Kemper sent Jenna a box of raisin crisps; she received a T-shirt with a loaf of bread on it from Angela Kinsey. Ed Helms will probably win the award for best gift he sent Jenna a banjo.  

The last gift Jenna got was a very large box. When she went down to open it, out popped Steve Carell! Jenna was so shocked she screamed.

Always fun to see the cast of the office pranking each other, Check out the video down below. 

Via: Entertainment Weekly