Steven Seagal, Face, Red Carpet

(Photo by cdm) 2005 (Diversity)

Russia Appoints Steven Seagal As Special Envoy For United States Relations

August 6, 2018

The fate of the world, once again, lies in the hands of Steven Seagal.

Except this is not some cheesy '80s martial arts movie you watch when nothing else is on.  No, this time it's real life.  And this time, it's Russia.

The Russian foreign ministry announced that Seagal has been appointed as a special envoy to serve as a goodwill ambassador between Russia and the United States.  According to an official statement, Seagal's main roles will be to promote US-Russia relations "in the humanitarian sphere," along with collaborations "in the sphere of culture, public and youth exchanges."

Seagal was granted Russian citizenship in 2016, and is a close friend of President Vladimir Putin, calling him a "great world leader," and "brilliant tactician."