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Students Create Algorithm To Predict Which Game Of Thrones Character Will Survive Final Season

The Algorithm “Relies On Data Taken From The World Of Fantasy”

April 12, 2019

With the final season premiere of Game of Thrones only days away, many fans are starting to predict who may die during this season. Some have started death pools, and even Vegas is getting in on the action, with some sportsbooks offering odds on who will die during season eight. Well now someone may have helped come up with the answers before the final season begins.

A group of computer science students at the Technical University of Munich, in Germany, have come up with an algorithm to figure out which characters are most likely to survive the final season of Game of Thrones. The application uses longevity analysis, similar to scientific studies examining the effects of medical treatment, to determine who is most likely to survive the final onslaught.

According to project supervisor, Guy Yachdav, the analysis “relies on data taken from the world of fantasy, the exact same artificial intelligence techniques are used in the real world." Many fans on social media feared these results, as they may result in spoilers for the final season. There are no spoilers on this page, but you can check out their results here.

The anticipation of the final season of Game of Thrones has officially hit a new high. According to Peter Dinklage, who stars on the show, “Not to be coy or anything … but it ends brilliantly.” The final season of Game of Thrones premieres on Sunday.

Via CBS News