Girl looking at phone in bed before falling asleep

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68% Of Teens Sleep With Their Cell Phones At Night

New study shows that 74% of adults keep it within reach

June 4, 2019

Do you sleep with your phone at night? Many people have their mobile device within reach (nightstand, etc.), but 29% of teens say the cell is actually in the bed with them.

An online/phone survey conducted with 1000 parents and children (12-18 years of age) shows that 68% of teenagers keep a smartphone an arm's length away, compared to 74% of parents. Common Sense Media found that only 12% of adults keep the device in the sheets with them. Research has already shown that cell phones can cause lack of sleep, poor cognitive skills, sleepiness, and negatively affect your mental health. 

The poll also noted that 36% of teens look at their phones in the middle of the night "checking for something other than the time" while only 26% of parents did. This is why I'd be the worst person to call if you need someone to bail you outta jail. I sleep with my phone on silent... no notifications (except text)... and plugged in another room. Doesn't explain why I'm always tired though. 


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