Sybil and Richie St. Pat's 2019

(Sybil Summers)

Everything That Happened At This Year's Greenville Ave. St. Patrick's Parade

Photos, Videos, and Hilarious Scenes From 2019's Dallas St. Patrick's Day

March 18, 2019

Saturday was the 40th Annual Dallas St. Patrick's Parade, and I've been to nearly half of those. This year was no exception. 

There are three times a year when it's appropriate to begin drinking at 8am: Rangers' Home Opener, any Cowboys tailgate party, and the Greenville Ave. St. Patrick's Parade. In past years, we've had multiple work duties (riding on a station float, broadcasting live, introducing Snoop Dogg, Toadies, etc.) but this year I was free and clear from any official capacity. My husband, however, was diligently taking notes with one hand and taking care of me with the other. 

His top 10 memorable moments are much more detailed (and funnier) than mine on the Dallas Observer website. I can attest to most of it from what I remember. I do have some photos and videos to help jog my fuzzy memory, though. 

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