Stuffed mushrooms

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Fort Worth Woman Sues Olive Garden Over Burning Mushrooms

She Claims She Choked on the Hot Appetizer

March 20, 2019

On August 11, 2017, Danny Howard was eating at an Olive Garden restaurant in Tarrant County. The Fort Worth woman had ordered stuffed mushrooms, and when they arrived at her table, she took a bite. 

Danny claims the appetizer was too hot and she began to choke. She was unable to breathe nor speak so she couldn't notify anyone of her situtation. The lawsuit says Danny made it into the kitchen where she vomited, thus dislodging the mushroom. She decided to drive herself to the hospital. While en route, Danny said she "frantically" called 911 because her throat began swelling. She believed she "was about to suffocate and that death was imminent” according to her statement. 

The diner was then Careflighted to Parkland Hospital's burn unit. She's seeking $200,000- $1 million in damages. 


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