Girl Scout Cookies

Photo Credit: Hannah Kirby/ Now News Group

Girl Scout Uses Shirtless Picture Of Jason Momoa to Sell Samoas

February 19, 2019

Aquaman has been breaking box office records since it debuted in theaters back in December. Now a clever girl scout from Colorado has found a way to market her cookies a little better thanks to the movie's star Jason Momoa. 

Fifth-grader Charlotte Holmberg realized that not too many people love Samoas. You know, the cookie with caramel and chocolate covered in toasted coconut. To help her get rid of her large stockpile of Samoas, Charlotte gave the box a makeover and put a shirtless picture of Aquaman actor Jason Momoa on the box. 

She even gave the cookies a new name and called them Momoas instead. Seems appropriate seeing that the names rhyme.

Charlotte says her mom came up with the idea of putting Jason Momoa on boxes of Samoas after she saw an Internet meme with the actor shirtless next to a Samoa cookie. Next thing you know the two got working on printing out dozens of pictures and gluing them on boxes. 

Looks like moms are going crazy for some Jason Momoa Samoas.

Charlotte’s mom told KUSA, that she posted a picture of their Momoa cookie boxes on Facebook and that she got calls from people asking to buy them. “The moms are getting really excited and they're saying that they need them."

That’s some creative marketing right there!

Girl Scout cookie season is coming to an end. If you haven’t already gotten a box of your favorite cookies or you just need to re-stock the shelves at home, hurry now is the time to buy.