The Last Thing You Googled Is What Kills You..

This hypothetical thread on Reddit has some funny responses!

June 11, 2019
Man looks contemplative about what he sees on computer screen

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  • Your porn star name is your middle name plus the street you grew up on.
  • Your halloween costume is the month and date you were born. 
  • Your rapper name is Yung ____________ (last thing you ate).

Who doesn't love a good hypothetical? I certainly do so this Reddit post caught my eye. It's titled: The last thing you Googled is what kills you. So, how do you die?

I instantly went to my search history to see how I would perish, and it looks like I'll face death via social media by Jussie Smollett. Not a bad way to go if ya think about it. 

Here are some of the other funny replies: 



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