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Lush Cosmetics In Southlake Is Now Open

February 5, 2019

Do you have to travel across the metroplex in order to visit a Lush cosmetics store? Well, your drive just got a lot shorter. 

Lush has just opened up another store here in North Texas, this time in Southlake. The cosmetics store opened their first Tarrant County location on Super Bowl Sunday.

No more driving all the way to Timbuktu to buy a bath bomb. 

Elisa Torres, director of retail said in a news release that their new store was designed to be bigger and give their customers the best experience possible. “We are very excited about our new location at Southlake Town Square. Bigger shops, thoughtfully designed with the customer experience in mind, provide more space to demonstrate our ethics, playfully interact with our Southlake customers and present our new and ever-growing product range.”

Though Lush is best known for bath bombs, they also sell lotions, oils, cleansers, makeup, hair products, and perfume. The company grades themselves on their use of vegetarian and organic ingredients, and cruelty-free product testing.

You can bet Southlake Town Square will be busy this weekend with everyone trying to make their way to Lush. They opened just in time for Valentines Day, leave a hint for your boyfriend or husband about what you really want; Lush products. 

Hurry and go buy a few bath bombs before they run out of your favorite scent. 

Via: Fort Worth Star-Telegram