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Man Who Lost Leg In Skydiving Accident Loses Prosthetic Leg The Same Way

He promises to tether the $15,000 limb the next time he jumps

April 23, 2019

Imagine you're outside at work, and you spot a random prosthetic leg. You'd be _________ (insert appropriate emotion here).

That's exactly what happened Monday in Sonoma County, CA. Someone found a detached leg in Cloverdale lumber yard. They called authorities who were able to trace it back to a nearby airport. Apparently, a skydiver named Dion had lost his appendage during a jump. When authorities returned his leg, Dion joked that was "the second leg lost while skydiving". Turns out, he had initially lost the lower left limb in a freak skydiving accident two years prior. He said next time, he will tether the leg on so it won't happen again. 


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