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North Texas Pizza Restaurant Shuts Down After Store Employees Put Laxatives In A Pizza

April 22, 2019

For some reason we think putting a little laxative in someone else’s food is no big deal and watching them run to the restroom will be hilarious. 

Life’s not a movie and giving someone a laxative that doesn’t need it can have some pretty dangerous consequences. Employees at Mr. Jim's Pizza in Springtown found out the hard way what happens when you mess with food in a restaurant.

On Friday night, store employees posted on social media that they put Miralax, a drug that helps relieve occasional constipation, in at least one pizza that was served to another employee. That employee had no idea that their co-workers had tainted the pizza. A local resident saw the post online and alerted local law enforcement. 

Police officers confronted the three store employees who put the laxative in the pizza and questioned them. The employees told officers that they did not put any laxative onto pizzas that were sold to customers. The city health inspector was then called to the pizza joint and pulled the business’ health permit.

Mr. Jim's Pizza in Springtown was then forced to shut down over the Easter weekend; the store will reopen Monday after the restaurant is inspected again. Police say that the employee who ate the tainted pizza is now sick. 

Don't try this at home kids, or at work.