Larry Olmsted for USA TODAY

'Knife Burger' Continues To Gain Accolades After Being Dubbed One Of America's Best Burgers

Texas Monthly Recently Named Knife Burger The Best Burger In Dallas

December 13, 2018

Dallas burger joint, Knife Burger, continues to be showered in love by critics. After being named the best burger in Dallas by Texas Monthly, now another review, this one by USA Today’s Larry Olmsted, is calling these burgers some of the best ever. While discussing the restaurants scene, food, and overall detail, Olmsted gives Knife Burger a top rating.

Larry Olmsted was turned onto Knife Burger by fellow food critic, and the man who dubbed Knife Burger the number one burger in Dallas, Mike Hiller. Based on Hiller’s recommendation, he made the journey to the Lone Star State, to try out chef John Tesar’s creation. Making things more confusing however, was the fact that Knife Burger also sells their most popular burgers at Knife, the restaurant by John Tesar that started this burger revolution.

Chef John Tesar began his cooking career working alongside Anthony Bourdain in New York, during the 1980s. After moving to Dallas, Tesar gained notoriety from his restaurants, and even had a stint on Bravo’s ‘Top Chef.’ After the popularity of his burgers at his most recent restaurant, Knife, grew he decided to make a restaurant just for his burgers, and has since grown to three locations throughout DFW.

According to Olmsted, “The Knife Burger menu is streamlined, with just three real burger choices (there’s also a meatless patty), Knife Fries as the sole side, and five flavors of milkshakes. That’s it.” While simplicity might scare some off, the quality of beef, along with simple toppings is what makes these burgers so special. “Tesar uses conventional but carefully chosen squishy supermarket-style buns, but he toasts them, a vital step that greatly improves the result. The burger is served with a few pickle slices on the side.”

Larry Olmsted gave Knife Burger an “OMG,” which is his top rating for restaurants. The combination of scene, food and price gives Knife Burger a special vibe, and it doesn’t hurt that the burger is top quality. The three locations for Knife Burger are in Plano, Dallas, and soon to be Fort Worth. With all this praise, if you haven’t yet checked out Knife Burger, it might be time to make the pilgrimage for yourself.

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