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Yungblud Has Added Two New Stories To His Hotline And Posted Lyrics On Social Media

When you call 916.915.0242, he tells you to "listen tonight".

May 23, 2019

Yesterday, we heard part one of Yungblud's eerie voicemails. It talked about his father threatening to kill him for kissing a boy. 

“I want to tell you a story. One day, my daddy put a gun to my head because he saw me kissing a boy. ‘If I ever catch you again, I’m gonna spread your little brains out over the pretty wall.’ So you know what I did? I woke up one night, tied him with tape and dragged him out of the house and locked him in the garden shed. Then, I cut a hole in the door and forced him to watch while I had sex with my best friend. Call back tomorrow for another story. May 24.”

In less than 24 hours, we've been treated with two additional messages from the "Medication" singer. The second one is a tale of a teacher who became jealous of a priest's new love so she bashed his head in with a vase.

“I want to tell you a story about a teacher who fell in love with a man of the cloth. He brought her bright red roses every Sunday afternoon. She loved him so much with all her heart and he loved her back. However, one day she saw his pupils dilate for another. She became so possessed with jealousy she would say to herself every night for six months before she would sleep if he can’t have me, he can’t have anybody. Naturally the love between them went sour. He threatened to walk out, but just as his fingers grazed the doorknob she took the roses out of the vase, poured the water on the floor and bashed his head straight in.”

Shortly after, Yungblud teased us with a third tale. This one speaks of a boy whose parents electrocute him because they had wanted a daughter. 

"I want to tell you a story of a young boy named Charlie whose parents never wanted him. He was born on the 15th of April of 1972. He had mud brown hair and electric blue eyes. His favorite hobby was to ride a bike. His mother and father had craved a little girl whose hair they could brush, whose shoes they could clean, and whose hands they could touch. He was reminded of his insignificance every single day. Obviously Charlie became very depressed. He wanted to leave, get on his bike and cycle to the city. However, his parents heard him conspiring with his friends. So then that evening when Charlie was washing, they chucked a toaster into the bath and laughed while they saw 1000 volts go through the son they wished they never had. 

They may appear superior. They may appear bright. They may make you feel inferior, but guess what... parents ain't always right. Don't call back tomorrow... just listen tonight."

He then posted a portion of the lyrics on his Instagram page.

they may appear superior, they may appear bright, they may make you feel inferior, but guess what... parents aint always right. PARENTS OUT TO TONIGHT. are you ready ? ------

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The number is 916.915.0BHC (0242) if you wanna hear for yourself. Needless to say, we're counting down the minutes until this new song hits! 

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