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Teacher Donates Kidney To 12-Year-Old Student

August 16, 2018

12-year-old Kaden Koebcke was diagnosed with a kidney disease at the age of two.

He received his first donated kidney at the age of five, from his father.  Unfortunately, it didn't take.  "It came back so badly that they had to remove it within five days of them putting it in, so that — that definitely didn't go as planned," Koebcke said.

His family decided to seek a donor on Facebook, creating the page Kaden's Kidney Search.  The family specified that due to Kaden's particular situation, he needed a kidney from a living donor, he couldn't receive one from someone deceased.  That made the search a little more difficult, but luckily, it wasn't long before the Koebckes found a match, and someone who was willing to donate.  

One day, the Koebckes were visited at home by William Wilkinson, Kaden's technology teacher at Grace Christian Academy, with the news that he found the perfect match.  Kaden's mother, Cami, will never forget the day.  "He says, 'Well, do you guys really wanna know?'  And we said, 'Yeah, we wanna know, we wanna thank him.'  And you know, he's like, 'Well, it's me.'  And I mean it just — I mean ... it was unbelievable."

Will had the surgery on Tuesday, and the kidney was immediately transferred to Kaden.  Both are apparently doing fine after their procedures.  

Via Fox News