Ted Cruz and Trent Reznor Got Into A War Of Words After Nine Inch Nails Performed In Irving

According To The Texas Senator He Is Not A Fan Of The Band

December 1, 2018

This may come as a shock to some of you, but apparently Ted Cruz is not a fan of Nine Inch Nails. The Texas Senator and Trent Reznor spoke about each other over the weekend. While performing in Irving earlier this week, Reznor asked the crowd who voted for Cruz, and then mentioned Cruz had asked to be put on the shows guest list. After hearing this news, Ted Cruz went to twitter to refute the claim.

Trent Reznor was in town over the weekend as Nine Inch Nails performed at The Toyota Music Factory in Irving. While performing to the sold out crowd, Reznor gave a number of shout out, but the one that caught the ears of many was his mention of Ted Cruz. A video from the performance shows Reznor asking the crowd if they voted for Cruz. This is followed up by Reznor claiming the Senator asked to be put on the VIP guest list, but he denied his request.

Reznor also mentioned last time Ted Cruz made an appearance at one of his shows, the Texas Senator drank all of his beer backstage. While many enjoyed these remarks, and were quick to add their own comments on social media, Ted Cruz turned to twitter to call the claims fake news.

In Ted Cruz’s tweet, the Senator writes, “To all the gullible reporters who are ‘reporting’ that I asked to be on the guest list at a Nine Inch Nails concert: uh, no, NIN is not my music taste.” After claiming this was just a joke from Trent Reznor, Crus stated he never drank all of his beer, “the last time…but I would have!, before claiming the story to be fake news.

While it is still unknown which side is being truthful, it seems both Trent Reznor and Ted Cruz have moved on. Nine Inch Nails continued on their tour after two nights in Irving, and Cruz is back to work in the Texas senate, after being reelected last month. For now fans will just have to picture Ted Cruz rocking out to Nine Inch Nails, as it doesn’t appear he will be attending their concert anytime soon.

Via Guidelive