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Teen Facing Prison Time After Shoving Friend Under Moving Bus As A "Prank"

April 23, 2018

A "prank" almost turned deadly for two teenage girls in Poland.

They were walking down a street in Czechowice-Dziedzice when a city bus began approaching their location.  One of the girls shoved the other off of the sidewalk right as the bus was side-by-side with them.  We're not really sure what her end game was here, but had she shoved her friend half a second earlier, the bus would have definitely run over her friend's head.  The bus driver immediately stopped to check on the girl and call the police.

Initially, the act was played off as just a "prank," and the shover was fined about $86 for causing a traffic hazard.  Unfortunately for her, after the city's police manager reviewed the video, he is considering pursuing much harsher charges against the girl.  If the court agrees, the prankster could face charges of exposing her friend to "to loss of life or health," which in itself carries a sentence of up to a year in prison. 

The case is currently pending.

Via Kansas City Star