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Teen Studying American Sign Language Aides Blind And Deaf Stranger On Flight

June 25, 2018

Clara Daly, 15,  was traveling home from Boston to Los Angeles with her mother on an Alaska Airlines flight last week.  On the same flight was Tim Cook, a blind and deaf man traveling home as well from visiting his sister in Boston.

Another passenger noticed that someone was signing into Cook's hands before the flight took off, realizing that Cook was both deaf and blind.  As the plane took off, people tried to make the flight for Cook as comfortable as possible, by trading seats and opening coffee creamer, but the flight attendants knew they would need someone to communicate with Cook during the flight.

Attendants asked over the PA system if anyone knew American Sign Language.  Daly, who had been studying ASL for a year, rang her button.  Daly sat with Cook a few times throughout the flight, and then for the last 30 minutes.  She got him water, told him the time, and for the last half hour just sat and talked with him.  

A flight attendant told FOX59, “Clara was amazing.  You could tell Tim was very excited to have someone he could speak to and she was such an angel."  Amazingly, this wasn't the plane Clara and her mother were meant to take.  Their original flight was canceled, which her mother Jane says was meant to be.  "After the flight, Clara told me she thought it was meant to be that our original flight was canceled and we were placed on this flight, so she could be there to help Tim," she said.  

Cook was picked up by a service provider from his senior living facility upon arriving in Los Angeles, where he later said that was the best flight he'd ever taken.

Via Fox News