Couple on a Date

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The Internet Is Loving This Texas Mom For Setting Her Son Up On A Date While Grocery Shopping

December 16, 2018

What are moms for right? 

This San Antonio mom is being hailed by the Internet as a “Wing Mom” for hooking her son up on a date.  

Patricia Gonzalez was just out grocery shopping when she ran into a group of girls. Turns out they attended the same college as her son, and she proceeded to show the girls pictures of him. Gonzalez even mentioned that her son was single. 

Way to go mom!

Soon after one of the girls gave the mom a shout out on Twitter explaining what happened. According to the tweet Gonzalez gave these girls just about every detail of her son, including his height. 

Charisma Valdez, the girl who sent out the tweet immediately started getting responses from everyone.

Apparently, the son Cody Gonzalez didn’t have a Twitter account and his roommates had to notify him of what was happening online. Cody then created an account just to respond to Valdez. His response was pretty simple and got her attention. 

If you’re like everyone else on the Internet wondering if the two ever went on a date, Valdez posted a tweet of her and Cody together after their first date. She also mentioned that a second date was in the works.

Cody told Yahoo Lifestyle, that the two have been seeing each other regularly and that they have been working on finals. “We are finishing finals and have been going on dates! We are planning on going out this weekend!” 

This relationship wouldn’t have ever happened without the help of Cody’s mom.