Inflatable T-Rex

Photo by Anthony Behar

Inflatable T-Rex Helps Sell A North Texas Home

July 25, 2018

Looking for homes on a website can get a little boring, and after a while, they all start looking the same. This realtor had the perfect idea to help sell a home in Granbury Texas.

When looking for a home on you might come across a home that features a T-Rex doing everyday household chores. You know just a T-Rex mowing a lawn, doing the dishes, taking a shower.

Casey Lewis used a T-Rex to help get a home he was selling more exposure. Casey told he had the idea to use a T-Rex for a while but had trouble finding the right client to want to go through with it. “It took me 2 years to find the right client and right property to do this with.”

Now the Granbury home has had more than 10 million views. “The reach was amazing. The listing has been featured on local news, shared hundreds of times on social media, and I’ve received calls from all over the country asking for information about the property.”

According to the listing, the home is now pending.

Check out the photos of the home and dinosaur below.

Via: Fort Worth Star-Telegram