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There’s A Texas Themed Restaurant In Sweden

June 25, 2018

If you’re in Europe and are missing the lone star state, have no fear. There is a full Texas-themed restaurant called the Texas Longhorn Steakhouse in Sodermalm, Sweden.

The restaurant is owned by San Antonio chef Philip Huntzinger. He opened The Texas Longhorn Steakhouse back in 1994 when he noticed there was a slew of American and British style pubs, but not a single Texas-style steakhouse in all of Sweden. Huntzinger's menu is full of food you can probably find here in the lone star state from chili and nachos, too ribs and brisket sandwiches, and of course fajitas, steak, and tacos.

This isn't the only Texas-themed restaurant chef Huntzinger owns, he recently opened up the Austin Food Works in Stockholm. According to Texas Monthly, the interior at Austin Food Works is just as Texan as you might think, with a mounted cattle skull, hanging mason jar lights and a portrait of a cowboy. The menu features some traditional southern style food with queso dip with barbecue brisket chili and jalapenos, sweet tea with bourbon, and brisket tacos.

The next time you’re in Sweden and need a taste of home, you know where to go.

Via: Austin-360