Travis Barker, Blink-182, Cast

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Travis Barker Collides With School Bus, Blink-182 Forced To Cancel Shows

July 16, 2018

Travis Barker is recovering, but Blink-182 had to cancel a string of shows off their Las Vegas residency due to Barker's involvement in a car crash with a school bus over the weekend.

Barker told Us Weekly, "I was on the way to my son's basketball game and a school bus ran a stoplight and totaled my car … it was pretty crazy.  I'm really lucky everyone's safe.  Barker was traveling with his son, and his son's best friend, and thankfully, the school bus was empty of children.  Barker continued, "Fortunately, there were no kids on the bus, just the bus driver.  And my son and his best friend are all right.  It was just more scary than anything."

Unfortunately, due to the accident, Barker developed blood clots in his arms, and will not be able to perform with Blink-182 for the time being.  The band is currently performing in a residency in Las Vegas, and have canceled shows for the foreseeable future.  Barker said in the band's official statement, "Drumming id my life and it kills me that I can't perform for you guys this weekend.  I hope to be back as soon as I can."

This is the second time Barker has faced blood clots.  

Via Us Weekly